Selection Outcome

By clicking on the links below you can find the selection results!

Please look up your application number (UID) in the lists. For privacy reasons your name will not be published on-line.

Please note that only closed applications have been considered. Each application has been graded with one of the following outcomes:

  • SELECTED: your application has been selected for a scholarship at the specified Hosting University.In the next few days you will receive a letter from the Project Coordinator and you will need to confirm your acceptance. If you have applied for more Universities than the one for which you have been selected, you cannot be selected for the other Universities.
    EUBrazil Startup 100401 selected list application/pdf (25.16 kB)
  • RESERVE: your application is eligible for the specified University/ies, but has not been selected within the number of scholarships available. You may still be selected in case of not acceptance by a selected candidate. In any case you will receive further notice.
    EUBrazil Startup 100401 Reserve list application/pdf (31.59 kB)
  • NOT ELIGIBLE: your application is not eligible for the specified University/ies because of administrative or academic reasons.Cause for not eligibility is provided in the list.
    EUBrazil Startup 100401 not eligible list application/pdf (63.30 kB)